Omar Rizwan

Me 👤

I'm interested in 'systems' and interfaces.

I live in San Francisco. Since October 2018, I have been supported by ⭐️Dynamicland, Bret Victor's lab, which is part of Y Combinator Research. Dynamicland is building a new kind of computer system.

In addition, I am the creator of ⭐️Screenotate, a tool for macOS and Windows which captures the text and context of every screenshot you take.

I have worked at Stripe, where I developed internal data visualization and programming tools, and at Khan Academy, where I helped build the math exercise system (and was the first intern).

I studied math and computer science at Stanford, where I was fortunate to work with Pat Hanrahan, Maneesh Agrawala, and Stu Card.

At Stanford, I was a course assistant for CS 107E (computer systems from the ground up) and CS 140 (operating systems). I also spent a term studying social and cultural anthropology at Oxford.

I was a Thiel "20 Under 20" Fellow in 2013-2014; during the fellowship, I lived in New York, attended the Recurse Center, and worked on a variety of interface projects, including ⭐️Cruncher, a scrubbing calculator.

I'm originally from northern New Jersey.

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